Shot Twice, Left For Dead, Survives 4 Days in The Woods


Elijah Shot Twice and Left for Dead

Poor Elijah was shot twice by his owner in rural Nebraska, once between his shoulder blades and once in his upper hindleg. While it does not matter where he was shot, the tragedy is that he was shot in the first place. It is assumed that Elijah ran into the woods where his owner either chose to not follow him and finish his murder, or he let him run off in pain to let him die a miserable death.

The worst part is, the shooter will not be charged with animal cruelty or any type of criminal charges, because it is not illegal to shoot a dog in a rural area. Not only was this an unjustifiable act, it was down right horrible. We know it was unjustifiable, because the Pit Bull Elijah even after being shot, was good with humans.

Little did the shooter know is that Elijah would live to find hope. Noah’s Hope Rescue that is in Sioux City, Iowa. When they found him he was in “poor shape”. He had maggots hanging out of his skin with seriously bad infections. He has made it out of the darkness and will be adopted as soon as he has a clean bill of health. Despite all of poor Elijah’s pain, he’s “a licker”, as they call him at Noah’s Hope Rescue.┬áHe’s been deemed to be great with humans. Every time the rescuers enter the room, they are licked as if they had been Elijah’s owners for years.

Yet another example of the Pit Bull being a victim and the owner being the criminal who needed to be put behind bars. This guy didn’t just do this once. He’s shot other animals, you know this because he let Elijah go, and Elijah was shot twice. It’s possible the man did what he did just to cause Elijah pain. There is however no proof of that, so we cannot speculate that, but the evidence does lean towards it.



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