The Pit Bull Test


Dogs (none are Pit Bulls)

HINT: none of the above are Pit Bulls.

How Many Dog Breeds Are Legally Recognized as Pit Bulls?

Which breed is most likely to bite a human?

Which Breed is More Likely to Attack based on Temperament?

quiz question 3

What Breed of Pit Bull is my Logo (top of website)?

quiz question 4

Which answer is true?

quiz question 5

What Estimated Percent of Household Dogs in America are Pit Bull-type breeds?

quiz question 6

True/False: A Red-Nosed Pit Bull is a Breed of Pit Bull

quiz question 7

True/False: Pit Bulls have a bad rap, because they're actually bad.


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  1. Melissa Policarpo on

    I own three pitts and my sisters own them as well. We love the breed, they are loveable and very loyal dogs. I would not trade mine for anything in this world. They are like any other breed of dog, it is all in how they are raised and handled. You can make any dog mean and dangerous.

    Thank you for supporting the biggest miss understood breed of dog.