Too Many Pit Bull and Children News Articles


A simple google search for Pit Bull news, related to children returns approximately 4400 articles as of today, for the month. What does this mean? This means there are too many Pit Bulls attacking babies, and children. Families need to understand that if they’re going to have children and ANY kind of dog, not just Pit Bulls, they have to accept and take responsibility for their households. Pit Bulls require a lot of responsibility in today’s world. Proper Pit Bull owners can’t afford slip ups of careless owners, if they want to keep their Pit Bull.

At any point when a child and Pit bull live together, children don’t understand how to respect a dogs space. Babies do just about everything they aren’t supposed to, when it comes to respecting dogs. They will grab tails, jump on dogs in their sleep, touch their private areas, stare them down (challenging them unknowingly), and just about any other offensive thing you can think of. Dogs, Pit Bulls including will snap in these scenarios. Most will just get up and walk away, and some will attack. Any sane Pit Bull will either get up and leave, or just a warning snap.

This is still the fault of the owner, not realizing their dog is still an animal, which gets frustrated just like other animals. If you’re going to have children, with dogs, even Pit Bulls you have to take precautions in doing so. Part of the reason you see Pit Bulls in the news so much, is because of the buzz their stories give the media, the over-population, and the owners who think they can have children, and completely neglect to watch for signs of their Pit Bulls feeling uncomfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Yes it is true, Pit Bulls can do a lot of damage, but if the owner is on top of things, that news article may have never existed.


  1. Tail between legs (feels threatened, or unsafe)
  2. Stiff body (uncomfortable)
  3. Overly concentrated on the child, starring them down (feels threatened)
  4. Other signs where your Pit Bull looks uncomfortable will give you the indication to separate the child from the dog.

If all of this sounds like too much work to watch out for, you may want to get rid of your dog of any size.  You must watch for signs, and you must always be on top of the situation.  Pick the dogs toys up, and give them a space where the child cannot go.  This will give them a place to rest, and will prevent the child from interrupting them, or jumping on them in their sleep.  All-in-all if you have children and a dog, Pit Bull or not, you must always be protective of both of them.


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  1. Facts ar e Facts, Pit Bulls have been and still are bred to fight. So fight them. Keep them away from my house, kids, park, and my dog. The majority, and you cannot seriously argue this owners of pit bulls are morons. I’ve had one come up and ask me if my Lab was a fighting dog. His pit was on a leash behind him and he told me his was a fighting dog. I told him if his dog attacked my dog I would shoot him first and then his dog. Get rid of the breed or, make it legal to fight them again and then maybe we can get rid of them through attrition. Search “Trunking” another pit bull owner past time. Violent breed, killed 33 in 2012, 21 already in 2013, 16 under the age of 5. What a great dog breed. Fight them and kill the loser and its heirs. dumb, dumb 99.9% disillusioned dumb owners.

  2. ewaponsgradedogs on

    they are thebest in the at what they were bred to do, they were never bred to be pets and should have been left in hands of those who know them

  3. It is so apparent that not everyone can own a pit bull responsibly. It is so hard on the responsible owners. I love my dogs but am not fooled in to believing that they can be trusted without supervision. This is why pit bulls are getting such a bad rap!!!!

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