Weight Pulling for Dogs?


What is weight pulling?

Well weight pulling, is basically when your dog pulls weight, by walking towards his owner.  He usually pulls on one of three types of surfaces, which is snow, dirt, or a railway.  Weight pulling dogs, are not special, and can be any dog, but not all dogs are fit for it. Those are what you will see in competitions.  On the other hand you might often see a Pit Bull pulling his owners car, on asphault. When you see a dog pulling weight on rail, you can see massive weights, of up to 6000 pounds, and records up to 8000 pounds.  The usual distance the weight is pulled is 16 feet, and the dog has to perform that in 60 seconds, or without failure.  If 60 seconds go by and the dog isnt at the end, then he is allowed to finish with help.

Is weight pulling for you, and your dog?

If you would like to find out where you are closest to a Pulling competition, you could check out the International Weight Pull Association (IWPA).  http://www.iwpa.net/ is where you can find what they are about.  They have high quality Weight Pulls.


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