Who Says Pit Bulls Aren’t Smart


Sin The Very Smart Pit BullEver hear from ignorant people, “Pit Bulls are stupid”. I’ve got at least 15 comments on this website of someone telling me how dumb they think the breed is in general. Well Sin, the Pit Bull puts this misconception to shame. Us Pit Bull owners know the little things our dogs do that amaze us every now and then. While Rocky, my Pit is not nearly as well trained as Sin, it just goes to show the potential is there.


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  1. This is so awesome! Pit bulls are the most intelligent breed as far as I am concerned. Our pit Faith is a remarkable dog. Stupid? Well, you remember what Forrest Gump alwasys said;

    “My momma says stupid is as stupid does.”

    Who said pit bulls were stupid? They have so many people, all over the world now who all realize just how remarkably ignorant this statement was…oopps…Nice going hater!

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