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When people hate things, in this case Pit Bulls, they tend to get a passion burnt up inside.  However, most people do not have the proper Pit Bull information to make good judgement of them.  The Pit Bull info that people usually have, is brought by myths and talk of other people and their mythologies.  This is a perfect case of ignorance for why people hate Pit Bulls, because he/she has not been exposed to the full truth.  To this day, I have never found a legitimate reason for why so many people hate Pit Bulls.  People like this are the reason our Pit Bulls arent safe from the rest of the world.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when an opinion is driven by ignorance, someone has to draw a line.

Why do People Hate Pit Bulls?

  • People are ignorant of what the Pit Bull is. They have all wrong information.

  • They hear from the media, that the Pit Bull is no good.

  • People cant properly identify a Pit Bull, so people think any dog they see attacking someone is a Pit Bull.
  • **that’s why you almost never see a picture of the dog who attacked the people on the news.

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  1. I personally don’t care for Pit Bulls. I believe that they are a difficult dog to train and they always seem to end up in a novice dog owner’s home. Pits were originally trained to fight other dogs (yes they were used for other purposes) but their main task was to fight. US Congress passed a law against dog fighting only 8 years ago. Just like a retriever is made to retrieve, a collie loves to herd, a pit does like to fight. I’m not saying that you can’t break them of the habit, however, it is difficult to train a strong willed dog away from what it is bred to be. My friend’s collie still has withdrawals not being able to herd children. Sometimes I think if we told people that Pits are a active, strong willed, dog with a fighting background, instead of saying a Pit is just like every other dog, we would end up with more responsible owners thus less “this Pit Bull attacked” stories. Which I unfortunately have…

    • Cassandra Stutzer on

      They were first used as cow dogs. At least get it right. And a Pit is a look not a breed. Then they were used as nanny dogs. If you were beat tied up aND beat again. You would be mean also. Get it right before you say something. That’s why they have a bad reputation because of people not educating themselves before they speak

  2. Kathtriana Mccoy on

    Trying to figure out, why, this bonehead pitbullsuck or what the hell ever name you are trying to go for is getting at. You do realize you are on a defend the pit bull website right? Pretty sure you are here to do ‘flaming comments’ deliberately provoking people, like myself who love and cherish the breed, staff, am staff, etc, etc. You sit here, behind your computer, and you know you just LOVE to dickle berry around people and hurt their feelings, well in my case, it makes me love my pit bull even more. I know shit stain people like you exist, I live in a town where turd waffles like yourself pop up like fucking daisies. And I hate daisies. However, the GOOD news is, you and your ignorant kind, because you people, and i mean you people because you are so retarded you get a category all to yourself, will never win, Pit bulls WILL ALWAYS be around. I wonder if you get your rocks off or something when these dogs are caught? Huh? Does your dick go woo woo? Shocking. I figured Id comment because to me, you are just another flammer, trying to say your peace on a website that you know will get people all in a bunch, doesn’t bother me, hate on them, won’t stop me, or my hordes of friends from continuing to love these dogs, and their counterparts. So, I guess all to say is, haters gonna hate, people like me gonna love pitties. Let the battle continue. Because I would rather fight and save a breed, than cave in, and allow my ignorance to override my common sense, which in your case and many others, it is not very common

  3. evryone just remember all dogs still have a blood line to wolves and they are ild animals so they can get agressive i use to live right across of a dog who wasn’t a pit that would bark and attack when anyone would go by.

  4. Pit bulls are very sweet. But every one thinks there the worst breed on earth! My friend has one and she has the nicest thing on earth! So stop hurting this nice animal! I heard a pup in a cage of carp! No one ( human or animal !) Should go though that! Every thing on earth has emotions!

  5. I never used to have an opinion on Pit Bulls, or anything that is crossed with american bull terrier, until I got a dog of my own and started going to the dog park. My dog is just your average golden retriever- loves to play fetch, great with people, etc. No troubles with other dogs.

    The dog park is always fun until somebody shows up with a pitbull (or lab/pit, or pit/anything mix). The pitbulls are routinely starting fights with other dogs and even attacking people. In the past 6 months, I’ve been to the dog park roughly twice per week and the only time there are problems is when there are pitbulls present. If they could just make a pitbull section and a regular dog section, everyone would be much safer.

    Pitbulls always ruin the fun.

    • You are an idiot.

      Maybe these so-called “pit bulls” you see, are anything from an american staffy to a mastiff cross. Maybe they are pure bred pit bulls.

      I bet if you tried hard enough to turn your retriever into an anti-social, angry, menace of a dog you could. Its not the breed its the owner. Give a terrible owner any kind of dog and it will be just as bad. The problem is, most of these terrible owners have these dogs to prove a point, and are normally terrible human beings themselves! This rubs off on the dogs.

      I have 2 american staffys that most people at the dog park think are pit bulls. The only time there has been problems is when a golden lab has attacked them, and mine ran away as they don’t like conflict.

      Once again, your an idiot.

    • Natalie Bennett on

      Of course you would think that, but what about the person who made the Pit that way? I have owned 2 Pit Bulls. And they have both been perfect sweet hearts. And my Pit Bull protected me from a dog attack. The dog walked away unharmed, while my Pit suffered from blood shot eye and several cuts. He defended me by using his body as a shield, and when he bit the dog once because the dog and attacked my leg I screamed for him to be gentle with I have taught him as to only lick. And he did, while the dog attacked him. So before you start bad mouthing, you need to know what Pits are truly like

    • I have a pitbull she is always so sweet and never hurts any dog or person. So before you say things about a pitbull it is not there fault if something happens it is the way the owner raised him or her. You know a good pitbull because the owner taught them to be that way! You don’t even have a pitbull so you cant say if they started it it was probly the other dog.

    • Your absolutely ridiculous to think this way. It’s not the dog, its the fucking owners. My pitbull is just like your retriever, loves to play fetch, loves other people. & the only time she has ever bitten somebody was when I was being dragged out of my house by 2 guys trying to white wash me. Get a clue Bitch.

    • hey it was mostly the owners fault cause he or she trained the dog and gave the influence of him or her to them if they were bad people doing bad things so it is the owners ruining the fun not the dog

  6. Ok what the hell all the ignorant people. Pit bulls are one of the smartest dogs in the world my sister owns one pitbull and a chihuahua and both the dogs love each other dearly. My sister is scared to be alone with my geat Dane because of the stuff he’s done he attacket 2 dogs and a huskey attacket him so hiskeys are way worse the pit bulls.. And my dog bit a little kid but do you see great Danes wanting to be killed..I have 2 min pins as well and they will attack anyone who comes to the door that they don’t even know so why don’t you think and stop judging the pitbull and start discriminating some other dogs for once…

  7. thank you everyone for your comments, I am currently writing a paper on the ignorance of people against this breed and this site provides a great range of perspetives! I personally love all animals and think pit bulls are one of the best breeds, I understand that they are strong and when raised incorrectly can be deadly. I have a pitbull who does not get along well with other dogs or kids, which I blame solely on myself for not introducing him to them when raising him. I am currently trying to correct this behavior and keep him far away from other dogs or children. He likes kids but doesn’t understand that they are small and easily hurt, he plays to rough. With that said, don’t hate the breed hate the owner!!!

    • I just replied with this comment on another post. I think it would really help you out, because most of these articles are outdated as my mindset.

      “I don’t disagree that they’re dangerous. In fact my opinion has changed greatly in my time since starting this site. I still love the breed, don’t get me wrong, but there is just too much mass breeding to get anywhere as an advocate. There is a reason this breed in it’s A-Day was used to represent America and was used as America’s family dog. People forget, and you will never hear of a pure bloodline American Pit Bull Terrier bred by professionals attacking a person. I dare you to find that story.”

      After writing it, I got the sense of exactly where I stand as I’ve seen people debate the breeds image back and forth. You’ll get a lot of comments on the Fatal Attack Statistics post.

  8. Well the opening statement in the beginning here has me convinced now. Full of facts and everything. Geeze. Not every Pit Bull in the world is going to kill someone but with so many breeds why gamble your child’s life and other children’s with owning this breed. There is statistical fact this breed has the highest rate of mauling s among all the breeds. It’s just pure fact.

    • its also statistically proven you and the people hating on this bread need to take a gun, put it in your left hand, put your finger on the trigger, hold it up to you head creating an angle of 90 degrees with your arm and pull the damn thing so I don’t have to hear about you motherfuckers anymore or I’ll persoanlly let my pits free on everyone of you motherfucks

      • Why do you and so many other people have to swear so much there’s no point your just doing it for fun. GOD would be so MAD at you right know p.s to every one else God has a plan not only for dog but for you to. He has a special plan for pits if you like it or not

  9. http://www.nujournal.com/page/content.detail/id/527332/Pit-bulls-are-misunderstood-breed.html?nav=5004

    I may not own a pitbull but i love the breed itsself! im a huge supporter. the show pitbulls and parollees really changed my outlook on these loving animals, i think everyone should watch an episode to really see that these dogs are loyal and loving to everyone they meet,as i said in my artical above the problem isn’t the breed, it’s the one on two legs holding the leash!!!!!!

  10. So much hatred for a dog who can’t even understand it. My guess is the pits around you can sense your desire to kill them. They sense the kill or be killed energy you are throwing out there and reacting to it.

    But all dogs are capable of this. My chi will bite kids, and other dogs if I let her at them. I’m her pack leader and I tell her what to do. Until she decides to listen 100% she will be leashed, she will be supervised around others, and she will only be walked by me so I can psychologically control her. And of course if that doesn’t work I can physically assert control. Harder to physically assert control over a larger breed which is why its so important to psychologically train who is boss at a young age. I lacked in that department and now my chi has poor manners which thanks to ceasar millans techniques are quickly improving. But the point is I’m the pack leader and I’m in control. Many of these family pits who attack do so because they don’t have a leader. Maybe the human is slacking, or distracted by something, or maybe they aren’t anywhere around because the dog got loose for whatever reason. In these cases the dog becomes boss and does what he feels is right without thinking. The act on instinct they don’t think about the consequences.

    Which brings me to my point on tantrums. Have you ever seen a small child tantrum, scream, kick, hit, and even bite? I haven’t heard of any kids being put down for biting because they weren’t taught any better. No most people would tell you that you can’t teach a child its wrong until they do it so you can correct them. Again the training is important to a puppy. They play bite, its normal for all puppies. It’s kinda cute….until they grow up and have enormous pit sized mouths and are still doing it.

    Then there is the issue of respecting a dog you don’t know. I have a large rather husky lab with a fat face. He looks mean. When repairmen or whatever come out they insist he be kenneled first. They respect his instinctual need to be territorial and ask for precautions to ensure everyones safety. For looking mean he’s gentle and I trust kids around him. He couldn’t hardly bite if he wanted to. With old age he’s lost most of his teeth. But the repairmen respect what he is capable of even though he’s not likely to do it. Thats how you should be with any dog regardless of breed. There has to be understanding, respect, and someone in charge. Otherwise the dog will take charge of you in whatever manner it can.



  12. Nancy Anderson on

    My part beagle-bassett hound was killed in my yard while she was on her chain by a pit bull. You or anyone can not tell me these are good by any kind because I think not.

    • Nancy,

      These cases show up all the time. I am very sorry for your loss. You cannot blame the Pit Bull as a breed however. Whether or not the dog was bred properly does not matter. That can be argued all day. The owner obtained this dog and should have been well aware of their likelihood to be animal aggressive. While many Pit Bulls are not animal aggressive, many are. Their potential can be improved or worsened based on the trainer. The mere fact that this Pit Bull was running loose goes to show you the amount of attention it even got from it’s owner. With respect to your past beagle-bassett hound, you have the right to want that dog put to sleep, but to blame the whole breed on this one incident is excessive. There are thousands of incidents, I know. But if there weren’t thousands of Pit Bulls being bred per day, we may not have these incidents. There once was a time when Pit Bulls were loved, there is a reason for that.

      • pitbulls suck on

        “There once was a time when Pit Bulls were loved, there is a reason for that”…..yeah,the reason was ignorance…telling pitbull attack victims to stop “discriminating” against the “sweet ‘n innocent” pitbulls is like asking a rape victim to forgive her rapist…

        • No one is asking people who were attacked to forgive the Pit Bull or the owners. It’s the owners fault. Had the dog of been properly socialized, they would have liked humans better. There is also the chance and some places this change is large, the dog could have been inbred or just bred poorly. It’s seen in the populated cities such as Chicago.

        • my mom was robbed and my sister was rapped by black people so stop telling me to not be racist then. it does work both ways so i should hate all blacks thanks.

        • Ok but does the rape victim hate all men? or say the rapist was for the sake of argument hispanic. Should the rapist hate all hispanics and consider them rapists for the rest of her life? Classic example of ignorance. I have an 80 lb gentle pit that allows my children to ride on his back and yank on his ears like theyre reigns and smack him on the butt yelling giddy up. Now when i catch them doing it I correct them, but the dog doesn’t mind at all. Thats because I know the breed. I know how to raise them.

    • 2 pits killed my cat when i was in 3rd grade. i never held it against them…they were brought into a home for protection and were raised to be aggressive. all dogs are aggressive and big ones have the ability to seriously hurt…even kill. not just pits. i have one now and i love him dearly. i stay away from him when he’s eating, as you should do with every dog. and he loves other dogs…even after being chained for the first year of his life. you’re being ignorant because you’re mad and you miss your dog. i missed my cat, but hating a breed for one dog’s actions will not bring yours back

    • i am sorry for your loss of your dog, but the dog who “killed” your dog, did not do it because it is a pitbull> it is ignorant to say ” a dog killed my dog because it was a pitbull”. it could have been numerous reasons as to why the other dog killed yours, first reason more than likely being the OWNERS. my dog was bitten in the throat by a lab. do you see them being banned? no, and still to this day i love every breed of any animal.

      • my brother was attacked by a lab and i was almost attacked by a lab a few years later. but everyone still says they are the best family pets. i do not hate the breed simply because of those incidents. i gave them a shot and met some really sweet ones over the years. they are right you cannot blame the entire pitbull breed for something that one dog did. yes pitbulls are a powerfull breed and in the wrong hands they can do some damage. they take a really responsible owner to raise them right. but i can honestly say after all my years of rescueing, adopting, and finding dogs the pitbull has to be the best by far. the moment i owned my first one i knew that i would never own another breed again… they are just that amazing. so please give the breed a chance. and please do not go around talking about how pitbulls are bad dogs simply because of one irresponsible owner.

    • A beagle killed my minature sheltie so in my eyes beagles are worse than pits cause their bred for hunting which also means killing.

    • jessie the ninja schrecster on

      just because that one dog out of the whole breed did that doesnt mean that there is anything wrong with the breed. it means that there was something wrong with the person in charge of it or it was a stray and not tought any better. so you can go and say that you hate this breed because it killed your dog. but you should just blame the fact that there are always stray dogs and bad owners. in fact, i have a pit bull/bull dog mix. he is the most cuddly nice and sweetest dog i know. he would never hurt a fly becuase we raised him that way and didnt teach him to fight or attack. so that proves that it is the person in charge that affects the behavior of the dog.. not the actual dog

  13. Most of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Pitbulls are and have the ability to be the sweetest and most loyalist breed out there. I have a female blue pit and she is the sweetest animal you will EVER meet in your life. I guarantee she’s more behaved and a HELL OF A LOT BETTER OVERALL then all your little 10 pound dogs. You people make me sick. YOU are the reason pitbulls have a bad name, NOT THEM. They’re more human like than any other breed. They’re 60lb lap dogs who will be loyal to YOU until the day they die. THANK YOU for to those of you on here who support them. I wish nothing but the best for your dogs, family, and yourself. As for the rest of you, I hope you get mauled by a bear or something. And hey GUESS WHAT. If you weren’t such snobby little bitches and actually gave pitbulls a chance, they would probably give their own life to protect you from that bear. But since you want to be ignorant and judge them when I guarantee YOU’VE NEVER EVEN OWNED ONE. You DERSERVE to get mauled by that bear. I will support this breed until the day I die, I train them, foster them, and work for an organization that rescues and rehomes them. All of my dogs are better then you ignorant people who know NOTHING about them. Now, go find a bear to get mauled by, that’s what you deserve. Peace.

    • so does every dog. the problem with them is they are very skidish around unknown people and animals. They are not very intelligent and that’s not arguable that’s fact. i will say they are very loyal dogs but no more so then my dobermans. i have nothing against them other then every time i walking my dobermans they are always aggressive towards them and my dobies don’t even care because at 140lbs and a mouth that opens 10ins with much bigger and sharper teeth why would they but the fact is they are trying to attack them and that pisses me off and this isn’t just one pit this is happened on more then 6 occasions with 6 different pits and another problem with pits is bad inbreeding and a shitty bloodline its very rare to find a pit of good quality end rant

      • Well I don’t disagree with some of what you’re saying. When I lived with my mom in a pretty secluded area, he did not have much socialization. So he was somewhat skittish around people, but it was only ones that would act weird around him. This is no excuse for him to act bad, but it’s simple nature and he picks up on bad vibes. Since I moved in with my dad however, and my dog has had so much more room to run around, and met numerous people, he’s become a great social dog. Very great in fact. Bad inbreeding and “shitty bloodline” is very very true. That’s the main reason the breed is doing as bad as it does in high populated areas. But it’s not hard to find a good quality Pit Bull. There’s no percentage on good vs. bad quality, because depending on where you go, and the higher population. The higher population generally indicates, inbreeding, wild lifestyles, and this always indicates poor owners. The fact that they’re unintelligent is dead wrong. If you’ve ever met a well cared for Pit Bull, they are quite smart in general, with even a decent bloodline.

      • OMG! Do you realize how ignorant you sound? “My doberman’s jaws open wider and has bigger sharper teeth than any pit bill!” Seriously? You shouldn’t own a dog at all with those thoughts being presented! I would bet that if your dobermans were in there yard and someone walked their pitbulls by them they would bark and act as though they need to protect their yard too. That is what MOST dogs do! My dog barks at other dogs and people when they walk past the yard. Some might say she looks a bit scary too. But come on my property and she’ll back away from you if she doesn’t know you, or lick you to death if she does. Same with a dog. My neighbor’s little chihuahua mix came into my yard (electric fence) and my pit bull was caught….wait for it…wait for it…playing with him! Again, it is the owner of the animal that is responsible for a dog’s actions, but any dog’s actions, not just a Pit Bull. Don’t discreminate against a breed because you are ignorant of them. Educate yourself and meet some of the breed that has been raised by intelligent owners.

  14. i’ve owned and cared for many pitbulls. ones i raised and ones ive saved.people must realize these are anamails that act more like humans than any other breed. they want and need the time with their owners. not to be left for hours at end. they are alot of work. need to be exercised daily and the more the better. make it fun and start trainning right away. and over populations are bad. we’re having trouble finding these anamails homes now why keep making more that we cant ensure good homes too? im also gonna say one more thing each pup has its own personailty and strong ones at that. lol. each member in my family that very much didnt like that breed now loves them. i love my dogs very much everybody keep ur dogs on a leash and treat them with love and not like weapons and we should have no promblems. little dogs go after the bigger ones, everybody thinks its cute till the little doggie is in big doggies mouth.

  15. I have to say that this area of debate is a very emotional. I think both sides over state their positions. Yes pitbull type and mastiff terrier types are very animal aggressive. Yes the so called “pit bull”( slang for any dog with a square head) has a great amount athletic ability. Yes there is an over population problem in the breed and unscrupulous breeders. Yes I have been attacked three times by a labrador retriever. One in the same way as pitbullsbleck. I keep pits to stave off dog attacks from other breeds. My 8 month pit kept me from being mauled by two labradores in a park in Dallas. My dog was on lease when the two ran up on me. The owner got made at me for my dog protecting me from the attack. We also had a nieghbor who had very vicious yellow labs that attacked the mail man out side my house. I turned my dog loose and he prevented a mauling. He chased the yellow back to it’s house and kept it at bay untill the mailman reched saftey. There was an instance when one of my girl friends were staying for a while with her kids and the nieghbors rotti was chasing them and snapping at them while standing for the bus. Again one more mauling that did not happen because of my dog. God bless them. All as I can say is yes there is currently a problem with over population. This has happened in all breeds at diffrent times. Remember the American Pitbull Terrier has been in American Society since before the civil war. Pitbullsbleck I’m sorry that this has happened to you. It is truly tr

    • you mustent know a lot about pit bull i have one of my own thee arent agressive it is the way they are brought up and tht is why people in the world are either afraid of them or dont like them at all soooo…

  16. PitbullsBleck on

    Yeah you’re right. I’m part of the problem. I had a lot of nerve standing in front of my own home with my dog and not seeing a couple of freak dogs bolting my way. A lot of nerve. I’ve got a lot of nerve wanting them both dead. I should have given them another chance so they could be successful next time. I love the way your only response to the argument is “You’re part of the problem”.

    Actually you are part of the problem because you are in denial. You need to recognize that pets are expected to adapt to society, not the other way around. This is why there are so many pit bull laws springing up everywhere—the attitude that we are all expected to move the H out of the way for these beasts and adapt to them instead of the other way around. As for how “sweet” they are. I’m here to tell you that after we got these beasts away from my door, and away from my dog, while the police awaited animal control, one of them wagged his tail at me and actually expected me to pet him. He knocked me down and scratched the back of my leg and it’s only my dog that kept him from me, and then he wanted me to pet him. I kicked him in the gut. These are NOT sweet dogs, they are psychos with a switch in their heads. They are the bipolars of the dog world.

    The dog who destroyed my friend’s son’s face was “sweet” family dog too. None of these dogs were owned by some hood druggie or scum. They were owned by people like you, in denial. These dogs were very well cared for and in great condition. They weren’t fighting ring dogs. Now they are dead like they should be. Till the last moment, the owners SWORE they were “sweet”.

    If folks like you continue to choose to own a dog that can’t help its own aggression, then don’t be surprised when the world of other pet owners push back. Because the rest of us do not have to adapt to pitbulls’ special “characteristic,” also known as s sudden uncontrollable need to kill other moving, living things. The world isn’t going to be the pitbull’s psychiatrist, they just want them the heck out of their lives so they are safe. As for me, I have to wonder why someone would deliberately want to own a dog with those qualities. It kind of makes me wonder what need it fills.

    A dog is the sum of its breed characteristics. My dog is going to herd no matter how well or poorly she was bred. Your dog is going to be aggressive toward pets and children moving too fast or moving wrong, or looking at him wrong at the wrong moment (decided in his head). It’s who he is. The only difference between your dog and the dogs who attacked me and my dog is the conditions and opportunity haven’t been right yet for yours. Yet.

    If you have children or neighbors with pets, I hope they stay safe. Because to someone like me, almost losing a beloved pet to a freak animal is plenty enough to permanently infuriate. We are many and with good reason.

    I wish you well. But if your dog heads my way, he’s not leaving standing up.

    • You’re part of the problem, because you allow the people who treat this breed with such evil to dictate your feelings of the breed. I know for a fact I offered more then just “you’re part of the problem”.

      You need to understand that this breed was never bred for human aggression, this is fact, animal aggression however can very much be a problem. It is the owners fault for not introducing his dogs to society at an early enough stage in their life to understand aggression is not necessary. You fail to realize, animals will be animals, we are animals, and kill each other all the time. I’m not saying it’s alright, but in this case, if the animal has shown signs of aggression, they should be leashed, and controlled. This gives blame to the owner, not a singled out breed of dog.

      Your ignorance will lead you down a long and dreadful course, if you decide to stay single-minded. I will tell you why in certain areas of the world this breed tends to act differently. There are places where breeds are mass produced and places where they are super mass produced. For example, you have two Pit Bulls; a male and a female, and you breed them. You now have 10-12 total dogs. You take them all and breed them with each other, you now have 48 dogs (assuming they all have 8 puppies each). This is in a years time, you’ve taken two Pit Bulls and multiplied them into 48 Pit Bulls. Assuming this is done 2 more times in the next year, you’ve turned two Pit Bulls into 768 puppies. Thousands of people do little schemes like this each and every day, to make a couple of bucks, and the tax payers have to pay to put them to sleep. These Pit Bulls are being produced by the thousands every day day across America, with nowhere to go. Could you honestly tell me, with hundreds of thousands of Pit Bulls being born a year, there are good, reliable owners to turn every one of the Pit Bulls into productive members of society? NO! The people are the problem, all the government would have to do, is make dog breeding penalties a lot stricter and we could have the animal this breed has the potential to be everywhere. Instead of having these highly populated areas with aggressive Pit Bulls. The areas that have less Pit Bulls are bound to have better temperament.

      Point is, the longer you put the hate on the breed not the humans mass producing the breed, you’re just gonna let the problem get worse and worse, until there is going to be no choice, but to let the breed go…

      For the record this video right here will put your views to shame. Training makes the dog.

    • your the most ignorant person on this site. to me any animal can sense when a cruel and heartless”thing” stands before them. for someone to actually sit there and actually think that anyone cares as to what you think makes it even more pathetic.a dog scratched you and you “kicked him in the gut” sounds like your the one that animal control needed to pick up. you should be banned from this site and evrything else that has to do with a discussion about the best animal in the world, since you like to threaten people and their animals.
      hope you become a better person and pray for you as well.

    • You are truly what’s wrong with society. Reading that post broke my heart, you sound more of a monster than any dog could ever be. You think that every Pitbull owner picked their dog based on the genetic material, or their physical attributes? You want to know why I picked my pitbulls? I went to a no kill shelter looking for a dog to adopt, a large dog (not because of physical attributes but in my experience bigger dogs are more loving,loyal, and less of drama queens) as I walking through the kennel I observed a bunch of really adorable dogs all were barking scratching, yelping, begging for my attention, then there was xoe who was sitting there wagging her tail just looking at me, I went up and let her smell my hand which she in turn licked that’s why I picked her my second pitbull I didn’t pick him, he was 1 month old laying in a ditch right outside of Chicago, cold scrawny dieing, no he is 3 and fat and happy and loving. Oh and don’t think I’m only a pitbull lover I grew up with a collie who I love dearly. And I own a Saint Bernard lab, whom I found in a trash can in Chicago yes a trash can like she was already dead. He wasn’t she is 2 now and beautiful and very sweet so when your going to assume all pitbull owners pick their dog by physical and genetic attributes please don’t be ignorant and rethink that point. I’m also sorry you had to go through tough experiences with pitbulls, and despite what the family may have told you about their dog being a family dog it doesn’t mean that the dog was socialized correctly or that the dog was not neglected, did they work a full time job while taking care of one or more children how much time do you think they had for the animals ? Honestly you sound ignorant, not because your in pain or afraid of the breed but because your trying to justify your fear with “logical” facts that aren’t true, maybe you don’t like being afraid, maybe your traumatized, maybe you don’t want to seem weak and just admit that your experience has made you fear an entire breed of dog, whatever the case take a second look, humans are far worse then any animal will ever be all of us are sinful hateful greedy creatures, many of our “breed” have murdered more gruesome than a pitbull ever could , many of us have been pushed to a point and hurt others. I just hope one day even if your afraid of the breed you won’t want to kill someone’s dog whom they love and is more then likely like a child to them.

  17. PitbullsBleck on

    Ok I’ll try to post again. The last try got hung up.

    I’ll tell you why I hate Pitbulls. Two pitbulls attacked my Rough Colie and me, let’s not even get into the moron who was “walking” them. One of them was loose walking with her and the other was on a leash which she promptly let go of once her freaky dogs spotted me and my dog. you pittie owners know these freaks are animal aggressive yet you same to not give a rat’s butt who your dogs kill. The rest of the world loves THEIR pets too,you know.

    Pitbulls are nothing but zombie killing machines and can’t think on their feet, never met a smart one yet. So my Rough Collie, after they knocked me down, kept these two freaks away from me AND from her. She outsmarted them and all they got were their ugly freaky mouths full of fur. That was just before my neighbor came out of the house and clubbed one of them over the head with a hammer, which cracked. Then I had a quick window to get my dog into my house (yes this happened RIGHT in front of my house by two pitbulls with an owner walking them who was as dumb as they were). I had seconds to get my dog in the house and then these two members of the dog freak society ran up the steps and tried to go thru the door to get to my dog. I then cracked a stone planter on one of their backs and then one of them bit the stupid woman who was walking them before they got loose from her.

    I am pleased to say that both of these freak dogs were killed by Animal Control. Now I walk my dog with police-grade pepper spray with mace in it. I long for the day another pitbull comes within 20 feet of me and my dog. I am going to spray the freak and then club him to death with the crowbar I am now forced to carry out of fear.

    And yes, that’s right, my smart Collie got the best of two dumb-assed pitbulls.

    I won’t even get to the story of my friend whose ten year old son has had 11 surgeries thanks to one of those “sweet” pitbulls who got loose, went into their yard and ripped a child’s face off.

    And that is why I HATE PITBULLS. There is only one good pitbull. A dead one. Our animal control is picking them up left and right and I cheer every time another one is removed from society. Too bad they can’t remove the dumb idiots who feel so important owning one. For god’s sakes, they aren’t even good looking. Soon, we will have a ban in effect. So tell you what, you can come and get all the remaining freaky pitbulls and take them home with you.

    • Sounds to me, like you’ve got yourself a bunch of Pit Bull breeders and fighters where you live. The only reason to mass produce Pit Bulls is so people can fight them. Needless to say, you’re right to feel angry, but your anger is on a breed that cannot control who, and WHAT raises them. Obviously the owner of those two dogs failed at raising them, and wasn’t capable of raising them. You’re part of the problem, allowing these people to put a stranglehold on these dogs, and the people don’t get any of the blame, keeping “vicious” Pit Bulls in the cycle. Lets put it this way, America would not have allowed a crazed, lunatic of a dog breed represent the country in World War I. They did it, because a Pit Bull sent across a powerful and dedicated message saying, “WE WILL NOT QUIT”. Something I hope you can realize in the future. The only thing I can recommend, is that you find yourself a good Pit Bull, in a good family. Until then, you or your views will never change, and the hate keeps going.

    • sounds to me like your another retard that hates pitbulls well let me tell you its the way dogs are raised and treated that makes them mean i own 3 pitbulls and i have a little 2 year old son running around the house. and my pitbulls are gentel dont jump up on people bark growl or anything even when someone they dont know comes in the house they dont attack its the dumbasses who train them to fight that gives them bad names hell look at chewawas they fuckin bite people all the time but you dont hear that in the news cause you can drop kick them over a fence with ease

      • I can’t wait till the human breed goes extinct, first Indians, then blacks, then Mexicans, but now it’s not socially acceptable to hate one another human due to genetic and physical attributes our species has moved on to animals.
        Whom might I add we’re here before us and are better creatures then any human could ever hope to be.

    • Sgt Stubby is my hero on

      This “monster” has another name!!! Its America’s Family Dog. I am the proud owner of two adorable Staffordshire Bull Terriers. And if you didn’t know, pit bulls are not a breed of dogs. Its what ignorant people classify a bunch of dogs that are bred between bulldogs and terriers. I wouldn’t say that I’m sorry that you were “attacked” nothing happened to you and from your story it seemed that all they did was run up to you and your preconcieved notion was that they were out to hurt you. My dogs will runn up to anyone only wanttention. The don’t really play with smaller dogs and they sleep with us in our bed. They also are extremely smart. At 4 months my dogs learned how to open up a door on their own. I bet you liked The Little Rascals too. Petey the dog was a pit. Now seriously blaming the dog because they were bred to “fight” is a misconception. These dogs were bred to subdue bulls and before that they were used for the same reason your Collie was used, to herd. I really hope you get over your annoying thoughts on how these dogs are so aggressive. Chihuahuas are aggressive. And look up the most reported dog attacks in 2011. Bet its not a pit.

    • why dont you get off your high horse and quit being so close minded!!! pitbulls are very intelligent dogs and they are no where near being freaks!!! obviously you know absolutley nothing because most pitbulls who are dog aggressive either came out of an abused case, have something medically wrong with them, or they just have a dumbass for an owner. every dog takes responsibility so whoever it was who had the two pits that attacked you and your dog should be put behind bars for letting go of the leash! and you obviously are a heartless bitch if you can speak so highly of someone hitting a dog over the head with a hammer which cracked!!! you are obviously the freak if you are longing for the day another pitbulls comes withing 20 feet of you so that you can beat the shit out of it!!! you are definetly a sick twisted cruel person!!! and your ganna say pitbulls are not good looking… HAHAH have you acually looked at a collie they are butt ugly!!! GO TO HELL!

    • Pit Bulls score an 83.4% passing rate with the American Temperament Test Society. That’s better than the popular Border Collie (a breed who scores 79.6%).

    • you a pussy if anyone ever pepper sprayed my pitbull for walking near them id take the pepper spray anf set it off in there ass

  18. People are judgemental of them because of the media. Every time one of these “bad breeds” attacks someone, it’s all over the news. But they never make a huge deal if it’s a golden retriever or any other breed that “would never do such a thing”. The media never shows the nice side of pits and they probably never will. I have seen some of the terrible pictures and heard the horror stories of abuse and neglect that has been done to these dogs all because of their breed. If you really want to judge these dogs because of the breed then I guess no one will change that, but just give a good look at some of the terrible images you can find on the internet. It is abuse of the worst kind, such as beating, kicking, stabbing, and even burning them all because they are “bad”. Can you honestly take one look at those pictures and not get an ounce of saddness? Imagine if you’re that pit bull rotting away in a cage at a shelter watching all those people come up, but then quickly walking away all because you were a breed that people have passed such harsh judgment on when it’s not even your fault in the first place. And then eventually you get that chemical pumped into your system that kills you, when you were a loving dog and would have done anything to have a family to love you. But no, very few of these dogs aren’t given that chance because of all of this bad judgment. Believe it or not, golden retrievers aren’t the only good dogs out there. Other dogs need to be given chances too.

  19. Ashley your reply is only one side of the story. Dogs just don’t lunge for no reason. Lets here the whole story. People like you are part of the problem. You just assume such things and spread like wild fire. My experiences have been they are gentle and sweet if they are different then this you can find the problem at the other end of the leash. The bad owners. Pits bulls have 2 eyes 4 legs and a heart. Not monsters.

  20. I think people have a good reason to not like pit bulls I never had a problem with him before I was timid around them but I figured if I left them alone they would leave me alone. Today I was proven wrong I have been to the same house around the same pit bull for the last 3 weeks almost every day. suddenly today (a dog that has never been raised to fight or abused) I walked in the door and the dog sat on the couch for 5 minutes didnt even give warning until it barked right before it lunged at me off the back of the couch completely unprovoked. luckily my sister blocked me and shoved me out of the door but there you have why people dont like pits. it’s not completely unfounded. You wouldnt like having to watch where you go at your own families house because of a dog practically putting an ownership tag on you either.

    • I’m not here to tell you every single Pit Bull you run into is going to be a perfect angel and you can run into this situation with any other dog breed, but you have to consider the situation. How well do you really know this dog? How does this family treat the dog? You say this Pit Bull was not brought up to fight. How does it live, does it live on a chain, or is it cooped up in a house alone all day? When dogs are anti-socialized, studies show they’re around five times more likely to show signs of aggression, not just Pit Bulls. Maybe you had a scent on you that the dog didnt recognize, or saw as a threat. Sometimes you just have to show who’s alpha. I’m not saying to jump up and start yelling, but you will have to show who’s boss. If you say that dog has a tag, you’re gonna have to stand up and and give a big deep NO (male humans may be better suited for this manner, because of voice levels). When you show any animal, signs of uncomfort, they’re gonna pick up on it, and they’re gonna go off of your actions. Something you should also do, is spray some febreeze or something on you, to try to hide any other animal odors. I’m not saying any of these things for sure are the reason, but you can never judge a whole breed off of your only encounter with a one animal. I know you’ve had a bad experience, but bouncing back is the best way to handle problems you may have. Go back and try my advice, if you show no signs of being scared, and you show you’re the boss, I guarantee you, this dog will act differently. You can never be 100% sure what a dog will do, so go prepared. However you prepare yourself is up to you. Just remember, not all Pit Bulls are bad. Good luck and I hope my advice helps.

      • this is true with ANY large bully breed. Including but not limited to germen shepared and rotti’s.

  21. i think people are so ignorant nd dont think of the damage they do to these dogs when they put them to fight or not even giving them a chance. ive had friends had these dogs, loving, dogs. i jus currently bought me a 3 month old red nosed pit. nd he is jus great, raised as a inside dog. people need to give pitbulls a chance they jus as nice as any dog…..

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