Why You Need Pit Bull Health Insurance?


Is Pit Bull Insurance Worth It?

Do you have a Pit Bull?  If you’re Pit Bull gets sick or attacks someone, wouldn’t you want to have insurance? There are two different types of insurance, however. There’s health insurance, and liability insurance. First we’ll discuss health insurance.

Health Insurance

Many people have many animals, but if one gets sick, they may not have the money for a vet.  Your Pit Bull needs you and 30 dollars a month is worth it.  If your dog breaks a leg, or comes down with a skin disease, wouldn’t you want an awesome insurance company protecting you.

The likelihood of your Pit Bull getting sick is astounding.  1/2 of all dogs develop some kind of cancer in their lifetime.  50% get cancer, so there’s no telling the insane percentage of dogs that get any one of the hundreds of other sicknesses.  Say for example your dog breaks their leg, and you get a bill for up to $2000 dollars, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your dog is protected, as well as your wallet.  Worth it? I think so.

Check out reviews of the best Health Insurance Companies for your Pit Bull.

Some may not consider a dog apart of their family, but if you’re on this site, you probably do.  You wouldn’t let your kids go without health insurance, why let your dogs.  Dogs cost even more to fix sometimes than a child.  Just a broken leg can cost up to $2000 on basic costs for both dog and child.  Let’s put it this way, if your dog breaks their leg, and the cost is $2000, and you don’t have the money, could you afford to let the vet put your dog to sleep?

It’s happened!  Be prepared and get insurance now, so you can afford any surgeries or medical care before it’s too late.  If you’re with your dog right now, look at them, and decide if they’re worth 30 dollars a month.  Insurance covers just about everything so long as the illnesses aren’t pre-existing.

Check out reviews of the best Health Insurance Companies for your Pit Bull.

Liability Insurance

This is such an iffy topic, because every state is different. A quick rule of thumb, if you live in a state that requires insurance, they usually demand you hold a 100,000 dollar policy to even own a Pit Bull in your community. Now, if you’re renting it’s even more crucial.

Say your Pit attacks someone in any case while you’re renting with no insurance. You can get sued by the person (or dogs owner) who was attacked and by the person you were renting from, because generally you’re required to have insurance on a Pit Bull while renting, in a lot of states.

How do you know if your state is covered? Call your local shelter, they will be most helpful. If you get caught without insurance in a state, where you’re required to have insurance and your Pit bull attacks someone, you will easily get jail time. Just take a safe bet and call your local shelter to see if you’re required to hold a policy in your state or city. Renters will be sure to tell you if you need insurance. If so your local shelter can also tell you which companies help in this area, because most do not.


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