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Now there are no guarantees, that you can have a non-animal aggressive Pit Bull, because as you may know, while they are not very hostile towards humans, they are hardwired with animal aggressiveness, through centuries of dog breeding.  In spite of all that, there are many Pit Bull’s out there that coexist with other dogs, and cats, etc.  You may even be one of those people who own more then a Pit Bull.  I was one of those people before my other dog passed away back in January.  I’m not telling you to get a bunch of Pit Bull’s, because it is going to be very challenging to get your one Pit Bull to to grow animal-aggressiveness free.  If you are one of those people with a bunch of Pit Bull’s, then I congratulate you, because I know that was difficult.

There are 3 reasons, why you need to make your Pit Bull social.

1.  You have to teach them, that there is a world around them, and that they have to get used to it, so that they do not start a phobia of certain people or certain situations. They are much like human children.  They can grow fears of things, just like children.  They use the information they gain to see the world around them.

2.  You have to introduce them to people, places, dogs, strange noises, etc.  They learn more and more every time you introduce them to these foreign encounters.

3.  Most dog bites, occur from dogs who have been held from the society, like dogs who have been tied in their back yard, or trapped in a cage.

When your dog learns the what goes on in the world, he/she is going to have less of a chance of freaking out, when strange encounters come his/her way.


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